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Hello! I am Forrest Vincent, the owner of Aqua Solutions. As a certified water quality specialist with over 30 years of experience improving South Florida's water, I have the knowledge and expertise to properly diagnose and solve your water supply and purification problems. I am a Palm Beach County native personally committed to prompt, courteous, ethical, and cost effective solutions for all of your water needs. Whether you are looking for new equipment, expert repair, or regular preventive maintenance, call me to schedule a complimentary initial consultation and estimate. Remember, for your home's drinking water, pool, or irrigation needs...Quality service is my family's tradition!

Water improvement is often extremely complicated, so we don’t use our customers as guinea pigs for trying out the latest fad or miracle snake-oil. Instead we invest in education and certification by the ONLY national organization representing the water improvement industry, the Water Quality Association.  We are also a longtime member of the Florida Water Quality Association and served many years on the Board of Directors.  We believe that consumers should insist on doing business ONLY with companies which demonstrate this high level of professionalism, ongoing training, and certification.  After all, we are talking about your family’s water!

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