Help! What's in my water?

In each corner of our beautiful blue planet, the true value of our most precious resource, healthy and clean water, is recognized. Quality of life is directly dependent on the quality of water. Nowhere is the water supply more compromised or threatened than in South Florida and the Treasure Coast.  Our shallow water table and numerous contamination sources demand relentless attention and innovative products to protect public safety.  We try to rely on city water treatment plants to protect us and they are most often successful at removing contaminants required by law. Nevertheless, undetected pollution infiltrates our water table while literally thousands of untested and unregulated substances or impurities remain in the water we drink, wash, and bathe in every single day.

It is critical that each and every person using water take the steps necessary to more fully protect themselves, their family, and their home from the impurities found in their tap water.  Whether you use city water or private well water, you should expect and demand safe, clean, healthy water. You have the right to love your tap water!  That’s where Aqua Solutions and can help.

Whether your water flows from a city pipe or a private well, various contaminants make it less than great! You can love your tap water again when you remove these contaminants. For a list of regulated contaminants, visit the EPA website HERE

  • Hard Water Spots: Caused by limescale rock particles in your water that build up on your glassware, shower doors, fixtures, clothes and everywhere water touches in your home. Soap scum  causes bathtub rings and ring-around-the –collar.Conditioned water helps save your appliances, water heater, and clothing. Soap use is cut by as much as 2/3 and energy to heat your water is cut by as much as 1/3.  Coffee, tea, and other beverages taste better. Remove the rock and leave the luxurious feel behind!

  • Sulfur Smell: That tell-tale rotten-egg smell is common in South Florida well water. Besides being a foul odor, it can be dangerous if ingested in large quantities and is corrosive to plumbing and air conditioning metals, like copper and aluminum. Filter or aerate the water to remove the hydrogen sulfide gas that is the culprit.

  • Red/Orange Stains: Your laundry can never be white when your water has iron in it. Stains on fixtures and appliances can be impossible to remove if left too long. Filter or condition your water to save endless scrubbing and  to save your white shirts!

  • Chlorine Odor: Tap water smell like the pool? Dry skin or hair? Chlorine or chloramines may be the cause. Activated carbon or charcoal filtration leaves your tap water cleaner, fresher, and better tasting.

  • Color: City and well water all comes from the same overall aquifer. When you fill up a white container or a bathtub and the water isn’t crystal clear you probably have organic color from tannin. Laundry is dingy and bathtime for the kids is scary! Conditioning or filtration removes this offender.

  • Yucky Taste: City supplies have to meet government standards and they generally do a good job. For most people, good-tasting, cleaner, purer water is a higher standard.  You have the right as a consumer to raise the bar when it comes to your water. Don’t waste hard-earned money on inconvenient bottled water when you can love your tap water for pennies a gallon! A dedicated drinking water system is the answer.
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